More than 90% of internet traffic is video. That’s because people want to watch videos to keep informed and learn how to do things… and not just at home.

Video brings things to life in a way that no other medium does, and it’s just as powerful inside organisations as out in the ‘real’ world. Here are just a few of the ways you could be using video as part of your internal communications mix and for wider use:

Video for IC

¬ Video interviews with projects leads, directors and affected staff members about ‘hot topics’, such as change projects and company results

¬ Explaining change projects and engagement programmes

¬ Video diaries with staff members to showcase different roles, helping colleagues get to know each other and the organisation

¬ Video reports on important news stories

Video for other uses internally

¬ How-to videos (e.g. common IT tasks)

¬ E-learning

¬ Induction

Our video services

We offer video production and other services for both internal and external communications:

  • Planning & storyboarding

  • Filming

  • Editing

  • Training

There are full details about all our video services on the main Eden Lighthouse website, including:

* our one-day courses and bespoke in-house training to help you get started with making and editing your own videos