Good communication within your organisation is one of the main building blocks for an engaged workforce.

Employee engagement doesn’t happen by accident in most organisations; it takes a deliberate and concentrated effort. It’s about creating an environment where your employees can (and want to) contribute to their full potential.

Communication isn’t the only factor that has a bearing on how motivated and empowered your employees are, but it’s a crucial one – along with reward and recognition, the management style in your organisation and development opportunities, to name a few.

That’s why improving internal communication is almost always at the heart of any holistic engagement programme – and, of course, you’ll need great internal comms to inform and involve your workforce in the other elements of the campaign.

Employee engagement services

I’ve developed internal communications to support employee engagement programmes in some of the largest organisations in the UK, including the Metropolitan Police Service and Lancashire County Council. No mean feat with more than 40,000 employees across multiple sites and very different roles and demographics.

I can help you to:

          • Identify and implement improvements to your organisation’s internal communications (whether it’s part of a wider employee engagement initiative or as a standalone project)
          • Develop and implement a strategy to communicate your employee engagement campaign to your workforce

How internal comms contributes to employee engagement

    • Making sure your people know what your organisation’s trying to achieve, and the role they must play
    • Keeping people informed about how the organisation’s doing, so they know what’s needed from them
    • Giving people ways to ask questions and get answers – from colleagues at all levels in the organisation
    • Giving people access to information that’s relevant to them, in the way they choose to receive it
    • Helping people get to know the organisation and their colleagues – the social glue that holds organisations together and creates a sense of belonging
    • Sharing knowledge and experience across the organisation, therefore helping to reduce frustrating duplication and reinventing the wheel