Organisations invest in internal communication because it helps them to achieve their objectives – whether that’s to increase sales, provide services more efficiently or fly to the moon.

Having an internal communications strategy that’s professionally developed for your organisation will make sure all your comms work is delivering what your organisation really needs.

What’s an IC strategy about?

If you think about it, it’s only the actions of the people in your organisation that can lead to business goals being met. Internal comms is about influencing people’s actions – it’s about inspiring, encouraging and motivating people to do something differently, to bring about the result the organisation needs.

That’s why your IC strategy must centre on your organisation’s goals and your people.

IC strategy services

I’ve written a lot of strategies as an internal communications manager – for organisations as a whole and for specific projects. I can help you to develop an effective strategy for your organisation, aligned with your business goals.

Any IC strategy worth its salt will be based on a good understanding of the organisation – its goals and its people. As part of creating your strategy, I’ll work with you to identify:

    • the business goals that internal communications can help deliver
    • who your main audience groups are and how you’ll go about reaching them (or, how you’ll establish this if you don’t already know)
    • how internal communications will inspire your employees to take the actions or make the changes that will help your organisation meet its objectives

The result will be a clear document that will guide your efforts in the right direction.